Dear Diary | Hola Santiago!

So no big deal, but it’s official now. In 140 days, 21 hours and 14mins I will be buckled in what I can only hope is a semi comfortable plane seat (who am I kidding) settling my nervous butterflies and beginning a long 11 hour or so high altitude waiting game.

If you couldn’t figure it out from the title of this post then I’m slightly concerned. This here safe Sally is going to Santiago, Chile!!!!! (multiple exclamation marks needed for dramatic effect). So you might be asking why does a young lady like myself want to travel to Santiago so badly? Well no reason at all really, it’s not like somebody very near and dear to my heart moved there recently, abandoning a decade or so of friendship! Oh wait, that exact scenario wasn’t made up, it did indeed happen in real life.

Meet the culprit:


This wee harmless looking chum on the left recently moved as far away as she could from me (ok slight over-exaggeration) but I’ve successfully managed to track her down and she will be all mine once again muahahahaha.

You see, the idea for all this madness and excitement popped into my head out of nowhere like almost all of my fantastic ideas that usually don’t even warrant a second thought. This one however was a little bit more stubborn, taking after myself of course. So out of the blue I pitched the simple “How would you feel about me coming over to Chile?” to the BFF and next thing you know I’m being INSTRUCTED that I will in fact be visiting her and that sleeping arrangements had already been organised (Thanks Javier!)

Less than two weeks later flights have been booked and paid for so now it’s officially official! Now that’s out of the way and accommodation is more than sorted, we can focus on planning fun things to do in my not quite long enough 10 day holiday in the capital.

I’ve already made one demand and that is to tick “visit the Worlds largest swimming pool” off my “OMG gotta do that” list, formerly known as a bucket list. Look out San Alfonso del Mar, I’m coming for ya!



In the mean time you can find me at the nearest pool/beach for the next 139 days practicing my best belly flop.


A. x