Motivate Me Monday | Not Monday?


You don't need a new year to make aSo technically it may not be Monday on my side of the world anymore, but it’s still Monday somewhere right?

Judging by the delay in this post I definitely need another Monday to start over, I’m not even quite sure where yesterday went but I woke up this morning convinced we had already hit Wednesday. Upon the realisation that it was still only day two of the working week I felt the sudden urge to nose dive back into a sweet sweet slumber, only to be disturbed when the weekend had decided to show its pretty little face again.

However that desirable day dream was short lived and here I am chugging my way through Monday Part 2 (formerly known as Tuesday) Are you still with me? I hope so because believe it or not this is going somewhere and we are not making any stops in snoozeville.

For this weeks ‘Motivate Me Monday’ (alliteration at its finest) the focus is on new beginnings. Wouldn’t we all like to start over again? Dust yourself off and try again? (Thanks Aaliyah, R.I.P) Or maybe try something new? We make yearly resolutions, most of the time when we’ve had a few too many and are far too peppy for our own good. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against wanting to start the new year off with a hiss and a roar but why wait for midnight to strike to give you a little sense of inspiration to do something your heart desires?

I prefer my light bulb moments to be actioned almost immediately  to tame the impatient little Virgo diva inside of me. Every Sunday I vow to do the same things in the the week to come. Eat healthier, go to the gym more, drink more water, drink less coffee (am I crazy??!) blog more, clean my car and try harder to reply to peoples texts/phone calls/emails. Now you know, this is my life, the struggle is real people! If you are an ‘A League’ procrastinator like myself then you can understand the need for constant reminders. Note to self: Procrastinate less.

And there you have it, why wait for your new beginning to kick off, January is not showing on my horizon anytime soon. Monday is only six sleeps away, better yet tomorrow is only one !

Share your new beginnings down below!


A x



Motivate Me Monday


Today is an unusual day, one that’s not quite like the others, it’s Monday, the start of another working week and a farewell to another too short weekend.

What’s unusual about it though is the fact that I’m feeling chirpier than usual, I’m sure most of you can relate. Monday is not generally regarded as a happiness inducing weekday (leave that job up to Friday of course) But why not? I know most of us are probably suffering a wee bit of P.W.D (Post Weekend Depression) so it almost seems normal to want to boycott Mondays altogether.

However, I feel like there should be a change in the water, Monday is the start of a new week, the day where you can look forward to what’s to come, not dwell on your “OMG best weekend ever” just been. Start afresh and find something else to be excited about!

This week I’m excited about Easter, but mostly everything that comes along with it; chocolate, family time AND a four day weekend.

What’s motivating you on this fine Monday ?

A. x