New glasses, new perspective?

Why is it that whenever you are trying to save money that bills start to roll in? your car decides to say adios or you are suddenly subjected to a cruel dental emergency (let’s say wisdom teeth hell).

Hold on Avyon, what the heck does this have to do with new glasses?

Well alright, in short it doesn’t have much to do with them at all. It does however have something to do with my latest that’ll-teach-me-for-not-doing-it-sooner-lesson. Rewind back to ’09 and a fresh faced Avyon is straight out of high school and into her first big girl full time job. Customer Services Representative – phone call receiver, email responder and order placer extraordinaire. Eight hours in front of a computer screen and next thing I know I’m the proud new owner of some snazzy specs. Shortly after this, I did the ol switcheroo and went and got myself some contact lenses. Flash back over, now fast forward 5 years of some maybe not so well looked after eyes/contact lenses/glasses and I find myself back in the place I had successfully been trying to avoid (I even screened follow up phone calls, sorry!)

It turns out that these little peepers just ain’t what they used to be. $300 and two weeks later I receive my SECOND pair of glasses with strict instructions: DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES FOR ONE MONTH. I’ll be honest a little part of 18 year old Avyon died inside. In no way do I have a problem with wearing glasses, but I did enjoy keeping my lack of vision on the down low.

I’m currently in week two of full time glasses wearing and apart from the not at all laugh inducing “Oh are you the new librarian?, hey have you guys met our new librarian” from one person who laughs at their own jokes too often, I have actually been pleasantly surprised by this second time round experience. Silver lining : I can finally rid myself of my old ‘Grandma Chic’ frames.

I’ve really enjoyed not having to stab myself in the eye every morning or worrying that there could be a minuscule spec of dust that has eluded my contact lens triple wash routine. They have also saved me time getting ready in the morning and at 5:30am five minutes feels like a lifetime.

Five years and no eye exams? how much could my vision have actually changed over this time? Well being as dramatic as I could be, I definitely thought you could class me as legally blind. But no need to worry, your road safety is no longer in jeopardy because *insert background music* “I can see clearly now”. Sure its no 20/20 vision but it damn near feels like it.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe at the end of this month long glasses wearing episode, I won’t throw these bad boys in the box and shun them to the back of the drawer. I vow to protect my glasses from tiny grabby baby hands and I will endeavour to keep them free of dust and finger prints for as long as we both shall exist.


A. x