Bon jour!

Welcome to the world of Par Avyon! What does Par Avyon mean I hear you ask? Well you know when you send something internationally it usually travels via Air Mail, you know on a plane? And usually it will have a pretty little stamp to let you know this? Anndd most likely that pretty little stamp will say Par Avion? Well that’s me! Technically no I didn’t personally deliver your package like some sort of Santa Claus. However my name is Avyon (with a Y as you can see) and yes I do realise and have been informed before that Avion in fact means airplane in French.

And that is how this blog came about, all of these posts coming directly to YOU Via ME! (Avyon) Are we all on the same page now? No need to go into the story of how my parents came to decision to name me after a large flying object either.


Au Revoir x


Contact: paravyon@gmail.com


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