Life made easy | Canva

CaptureAlright, so I realise to some of you I may be arriving a bit late to the party (which is pretty much my life story) but I just stumbled upon this wonderful little gem of a website a few days ago and I have not been able to pry myself away from it!


This game changing little piece of heaven that I am speaking of is none other than the fabulous Canva, a website designed for the not so design savvy, the people troubled and struggling with programs such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator. Those who possess a craving for creating something but not having the tools or skills available to do so. If you are anything like me this website will be a god send, you can create anything from Twitter headers, Facebook cover photos, Invitations or even a simple photo collage.


There are loads of pre-made layouts for inspiration which are easily customisable, change-up the font, background colour, add your own picture and voila! you’ve made something fancy. You can choose to use either the free content or they also provide you with an option to buy content if you’re after something with a little bit more pizzazz.


Once you create a login you will be away laughing. All your creations are saved to your account so you can come back anytime you like and edit/create like crazy! maybe you weren’t too sure about that background colour or maybe the font you used wasn’t pretty enough. When you are ready to show off your new-found skills and designs the simple Link/Publish feature do most of the work for you, Save as an image of pdf and then the file automatically downloads for you to then throw it out into the webosphere for all to “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” about.

Check out the tutorials Canva has on offer. With a very effective ‘Learn’ then ‘Do’ concept you can master all the features and be a pro amateur like myself!


A. x


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