Motivate Me Monday


Today is an unusual day, one that’s not quite like the others, it’s Monday, the start of another working week and a farewell to another too short weekend.

What’s unusual about it though is the fact that I’m feeling chirpier than usual, I’m sure most of you can relate. Monday is not generally regarded as a happiness inducing weekday (leave that job up to Friday of course) But why not? I know most of us are probably suffering a wee bit of P.W.D (Post Weekend Depression) so it almost seems normal to want to boycott Mondays altogether.

However, I feel like there should be a change in the water, Monday is the start of a new week, the day where you can look forward to what’s to come, not dwell on your “OMG best weekend ever” just been. Start afresh and find something else to be excited about!

This week I’m excited about Easter, but mostly everything that comes along with it; chocolate, family time AND a four day weekend.

What’s motivating you on this fine Monday ?

A. x



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