Reflections | Au Revoir 2013!

Now I know that 2013 has well and truly bitten the dust and that 2014 is gearing up to meet the same probable fate, but I thought I might just humour myself by going through all the hijinks that got me through the most recent year that was.

Upon ringing in the new year my initial realisation was that my 2013 , the whole 365 days of it had been pretty stagnant. As glass half empty as that may sound, I feel that many people felt they could relate to this also. it seems as though it was spent saving your breath (and maybe pennies too) for what you knew will be an increible year to follow.

2013 was a year of new discoveries, experiences, friends and best of all family members.

Early on in 2013 I made a trip over to beautiful Melbourne to attend Future Music Festival and visit one of my very dear friends who left me to move over there a mere 5 years ago now. While there I shopped, ate, drank, met up with other fellow Kiwi’s attending the same festival and for the most part sought out any means or place that offered up air conditioning. There was only a minor heat wave of about 40 something degrees at the time.

Future Music and my crazy crowd.

Around mid year my social calendar went into over drive. My wallet and liver were far from impressed as you can imagine. There were your run of the mill typical birthday celebrations, then slightly bigger more significant milestone birthdays (21, 50) costume parties, house warming parties and even flat warming parties.

I think it’s fair to say I did so much partying that the word itself needs to be permanently removed from my vocabulary. I am a sucker for birthday celebrations though, I enjoy nothing more than making someone feel like the most important person in the world if only for a measely 24 hours and this year I was more than lucky enough to have the favour reciprocated when it came time to celebrate my 23rd birthday. My 24th sure has some big boots to fill!

Onesies, Moroccan Nights, Fiesta and a flower pot called Petunia

New love and new life made it’s way into my heart on October 24th at 4:36am in the form of my handsome nephew who we refer to as Big B. Early on in my sisters pregnancy my not so inner control freak had taken over and I had convinced myself that I would be in that delivery room when push came to shove (literally of course). Both Mother and Father-to-be eventually gave me their blessing and made my entire life by letting me be the third wheel on their baby birthing train. With snacks and energy drinks at the ready, I was as prepared as I could be after turning to my trust know-it-all friend Google for tips and some delivery room etiquette. What felt like an eternity later, a perfect not so little 8lb 7oz gentleman burst his way into this world and effectively my heart. I can’t speak for my sister, but I would do it all again in a heart beat.

“Im not ready for my close up yet”

2013 was making a mad dash for the finish line and showing no signs of slowing down. Over the course of just a few weeks I thoroughly and very loudly enjoyed the musical talents of Queen Bey, Riri and my not guilty pleasure, One Direction live in concert. I took a mini road trip to yet another 21st birthday, stayed on a farm, created new friendships with small, furry farm animals and risked life and limb adventuring on a quad bike.

Beyonce, 1D Merch and Buster the little lamb

Leading up to Christmas my work started ‘The Biggest Loser’ competition. Just like the TV programme except the first place prize was sadly nowhere near as desirable. Participating in this competition helped bring my total weight loss for the year to 10.3kgs and the fact that the holiday season helped bring some of that back is beside the point.

Speaking of holidays, Christmas was a day full of over eating, noise, mess, SIXTEEN mouths to feed, not including the mouth of one hyperactive, fluffy tailed pup dressed as santa.

New Years Eve wasn’t really that much different, just throw in a tropical themed pool party, plenty of booze into the mix and voila! Christmas Part two. When the clock struck midnight all attendees were instructed to make their way to the pool for a celebratory dip (extra points rewarded for sick dives and bombs). The memory sort of goes a little hazey fro then on which I think indicates just how excited I was for 2014.

Luau explosion, siblings and furry Santa

Well what is ahead of me I hear you ask? I guess we’ll leave that one for the crystal ball and ya’ll can just stay tuned 😉

Au Revoir



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