Avyon 2.0

Monday the 14th of July 2014 (very recent I know) I embarked on a new journey. Not one to become some sort of robot as the title may suggest, but instead one of health and wellbeing. How am I going about this you ask? Well allow me to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine, Rapid Reset.


A New Zealand based company focused on helping you lose weight while at the same time making sure you fuel body with everything it needs. Be warned, this is not a fad diet, this is a lifestyle change. You are encouraged to eat as clean and organic as you possibly can and basically the results speak for themselves.

They have plans suited for all your needs, vegan, vegetarian and even new mums. I promise you will not be disappointed. This has probably been one of the easiest plans I have ever had to follow and you can trust me because I have tried so many ‘diets’ out there, I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

But what I really wanted to talk to you about, is their brand spanking new program, which is the one that I am currently on. Rapid Reset 2.0. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Well I would have to say in my unbiased opinion that it is. As I understand it works in blocks of 12 week programs which have 8 different phases included in them. So if you’re looking for a quick fix to fit you into a dress this weekend then read no further. As I will say until I go blue in the face, this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Working on a better you and to end a lifetime of yo-yo dieting.

move (1) eat (1) connect (1)

The fanciest part that I think makes this program so exciting and appealing to me, would have to be the online platform. A place where you can record you weight, measurements and fitness results. Another part that is equally as enticing is the more psychological side of things. You’re asked to write down 3 words to describe you and I will admit this was probably one of the hardest parts to get my head around. 3 words? but how do I describe me? How do I see me as a person? Anyway with that slightly deeper side of the program out of the way I was now free to explore my new little toy.

EAT, MOVE, LEARN. The 3 aspects of 2.0 and within each they have provided you with all their knowledge so that you may be properly prepared for the weeks to come. Not sure what to make for dinner or what you can or can’t eat? No need to worry just follow one of the specifically designed and easy to replicate recipes they have lined out for you. Don’t have a personal trainer and don’t know your way around a Gym? Rapid have you sorted with exercises for all fitness levels and handy video tutorials so you’ll be looking like a seasoned pro in no time.

They really have thought of everything AND everyone. They have your best interests at heart and I think THE best part of this whole experience is that you become a part of a little online cheering squad. You find like minded people in the online forum, generally all female who boost you up, cheer you on and go through the same struggles as you do. Got a question or you just aren’t having a good day? I guarantee if you join this friendly community that it won’t take long before you find an inspiring woman to help change your tune. They probably even help answer any questions faster than the Rapid team themselves!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this 12 week program has in store for me. I am both excited and determined to get it right this time 🙂 Gosh, I really could go on about these people all day. One big ball of happy healthy goodness. Go have a look for yourself and maybe even give it a go! You don’t have to be in NZ to try it out.

Au Revoir

A. x

P.S No this post was not endorsed by Rapid. Although I wish it was 😉


New glasses, new perspective?

Why is it that whenever you are trying to save money that bills start to roll in? your car decides to say adios or you are suddenly subjected to a cruel dental emergency (let’s say wisdom teeth hell).

Hold on Avyon, what the heck does this have to do with new glasses?

Well alright, in short it doesn’t have much to do with them at all. It does however have something to do with my latest that’ll-teach-me-for-not-doing-it-sooner-lesson. Rewind back to ’09 and a fresh faced Avyon is straight out of high school and into her first big girl full time job. Customer Services Representative – phone call receiver, email responder and order placer extraordinaire. Eight hours in front of a computer screen and next thing I know I’m the proud new owner of some snazzy specs. Shortly after this, I did the ol switcheroo and went and got myself some contact lenses. Flash back over, now fast forward 5 years of some maybe not so well looked after eyes/contact lenses/glasses and I find myself back in the place I had successfully been trying to avoid (I even screened follow up phone calls, sorry!)

It turns out that these little peepers just ain’t what they used to be. $300 and two weeks later I receive my SECOND pair of glasses with strict instructions: DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES FOR ONE MONTH. I’ll be honest a little part of 18 year old Avyon died inside. In no way do I have a problem with wearing glasses, but I did enjoy keeping my lack of vision on the down low.

I’m currently in week two of full time glasses wearing and apart from the not at all laugh inducing “Oh are you the new librarian?, hey have you guys met our new librarian” from one person who laughs at their own jokes too often, I have actually been pleasantly surprised by this second time round experience. Silver lining : I can finally rid myself of my old ‘Grandma Chic’ frames.

I’ve really enjoyed not having to stab myself in the eye every morning or worrying that there could be a minuscule spec of dust that has eluded my contact lens triple wash routine. They have also saved me time getting ready in the morning and at 5:30am five minutes feels like a lifetime.

Five years and no eye exams? how much could my vision have actually changed over this time? Well being as dramatic as I could be, I definitely thought you could class me as legally blind. But no need to worry, your road safety is no longer in jeopardy because *insert background music* “I can see clearly now”. Sure its no 20/20 vision but it damn near feels like it.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe at the end of this month long glasses wearing episode, I won’t throw these bad boys in the box and shun them to the back of the drawer. I vow to protect my glasses from tiny grabby baby hands and I will endeavour to keep them free of dust and finger prints for as long as we both shall exist.


A. x

Dear Diary | Hola Santiago!

So no big deal, but it’s official now. In 140 days, 21 hours and 14mins I will be buckled in what I can only hope is a semi comfortable plane seat (who am I kidding) settling my nervous butterflies and beginning a long 11 hour or so high altitude waiting game.

If you couldn’t figure it out from the title of this post then I’m slightly concerned. This here safe Sally is going to Santiago, Chile!!!!! (multiple exclamation marks needed for dramatic effect). So you might be asking why does a young lady like myself want to travel to Santiago so badly? Well no reason at all really, it’s not like somebody very near and dear to my heart moved there recently, abandoning a decade or so of friendship! Oh wait, that exact scenario wasn’t made up, it did indeed happen in real life.

Meet the culprit:


This wee harmless looking chum on the left recently moved as far away as she could from me (ok slight over-exaggeration) but I’ve successfully managed to track her down and she will be all mine once again muahahahaha.

You see, the idea for all this madness and excitement popped into my head out of nowhere like almost all of my fantastic ideas that usually don’t even warrant a second thought. This one however was a little bit more stubborn, taking after myself of course. So out of the blue I pitched the simple “How would you feel about me coming over to Chile?” to the BFF and next thing you know I’m being INSTRUCTED that I will in fact be visiting her and that sleeping arrangements had already been organised (Thanks Javier!)

Less than two weeks later flights have been booked and paid for so now it’s officially official! Now that’s out of the way and accommodation is more than sorted, we can focus on planning fun things to do in my not quite long enough 10 day holiday in the capital.

I’ve already made one demand and that is to tick “visit the Worlds largest swimming pool” off my “OMG gotta do that” list, formerly known as a bucket list. Look out San Alfonso del Mar, I’m coming for ya!



In the mean time you can find me at the nearest pool/beach for the next 139 days practicing my best belly flop.


A. x


Motivate Me Monday | Not Monday?


You don't need a new year to make aSo technically it may not be Monday on my side of the world anymore, but it’s still Monday somewhere right?

Judging by the delay in this post I definitely need another Monday to start over, I’m not even quite sure where yesterday went but I woke up this morning convinced we had already hit Wednesday. Upon the realisation that it was still only day two of the working week I felt the sudden urge to nose dive back into a sweet sweet slumber, only to be disturbed when the weekend had decided to show its pretty little face again.

However that desirable day dream was short lived and here I am chugging my way through Monday Part 2 (formerly known as Tuesday) Are you still with me? I hope so because believe it or not this is going somewhere and we are not making any stops in snoozeville.

For this weeks ‘Motivate Me Monday’ (alliteration at its finest) the focus is on new beginnings. Wouldn’t we all like to start over again? Dust yourself off and try again? (Thanks Aaliyah, R.I.P) Or maybe try something new? We make yearly resolutions, most of the time when we’ve had a few too many and are far too peppy for our own good. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against wanting to start the new year off with a hiss and a roar but why wait for midnight to strike to give you a little sense of inspiration to do something your heart desires?

I prefer my light bulb moments to be actioned almost immediately  to tame the impatient little Virgo diva inside of me. Every Sunday I vow to do the same things in the the week to come. Eat healthier, go to the gym more, drink more water, drink less coffee (am I crazy??!) blog more, clean my car and try harder to reply to peoples texts/phone calls/emails. Now you know, this is my life, the struggle is real people! If you are an ‘A League’ procrastinator like myself then you can understand the need for constant reminders. Note to self: Procrastinate less.

And there you have it, why wait for your new beginning to kick off, January is not showing on my horizon anytime soon. Monday is only six sleeps away, better yet tomorrow is only one !

Share your new beginnings down below!


A x


Life made easy | Canva

CaptureAlright, so I realise to some of you I may be arriving a bit late to the party (which is pretty much my life story) but I just stumbled upon this wonderful little gem of a website a few days ago and I have not been able to pry myself away from it!


This game changing little piece of heaven that I am speaking of is none other than the fabulous Canva, a website designed for the not so design savvy, the people troubled and struggling with programs such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator. Those who possess a craving for creating something but not having the tools or skills available to do so. If you are anything like me this website will be a god send, you can create anything from Twitter headers, Facebook cover photos, Invitations or even a simple photo collage.


There are loads of pre-made layouts for inspiration which are easily customisable, change-up the font, background colour, add your own picture and voila! you’ve made something fancy. You can choose to use either the free content or they also provide you with an option to buy content if you’re after something with a little bit more pizzazz.


Once you create a login you will be away laughing. All your creations are saved to your account so you can come back anytime you like and edit/create like crazy! maybe you weren’t too sure about that background colour or maybe the font you used wasn’t pretty enough. When you are ready to show off your new-found skills and designs the simple Link/Publish feature do most of the work for you, Save as an image of pdf and then the file automatically downloads for you to then throw it out into the webosphere for all to “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” about.

Check out the tutorials Canva has on offer. With a very effective ‘Learn’ then ‘Do’ concept you can master all the features and be a pro amateur like myself!


A. x

Motivate Me Monday


Today is an unusual day, one that’s not quite like the others, it’s Monday, the start of another working week and a farewell to another too short weekend.

What’s unusual about it though is the fact that I’m feeling chirpier than usual, I’m sure most of you can relate. Monday is not generally regarded as a happiness inducing weekday (leave that job up to Friday of course) But why not? I know most of us are probably suffering a wee bit of P.W.D (Post Weekend Depression) so it almost seems normal to want to boycott Mondays altogether.

However, I feel like there should be a change in the water, Monday is the start of a new week, the day where you can look forward to what’s to come, not dwell on your “OMG best weekend ever” just been. Start afresh and find something else to be excited about!

This week I’m excited about Easter, but mostly everything that comes along with it; chocolate, family time AND a four day weekend.

What’s motivating you on this fine Monday ?

A. x



While browsing the interwebs recently, I stumbled across a fun post on laurenconrad.com about New Years resolutions. It included a simple form to fill out to help you decide what your resolutions should be for the coming year. I like the simplicity of this activity and I think it covers the usual aspects of our lives that we endeavour to improve on year in and year out.

I’ve attached a copy of the questions below. You can fill it out, print it off and keep it as a daily reminder, which I have definitely already done! See my answers below 🙂

My New Years resolutions for 2014:

A bad habit I’m going to break: Not getting enough sleep.

A destination I’d like to visit: France. I’m obsessed!

I’m going to work harder at: Exercising and eating healthy.

A project I’d like to finish: Updating my bedroom furniture, DIY style.

A class I’d like to take: French language classes (oui, merci!)

I’d like to spend more time doing: Outdoor activities. Mostly exercise related!

A food I want to eat more of: I need more greens in my life!

I want to wear more: Jewellery. You can never have enough 🙂



Let me know what resolutions you’ve made 🙂


Au Revoir x

Reflections | Au Revoir 2013!

Now I know that 2013 has well and truly bitten the dust and that 2014 is gearing up to meet the same probable fate, but I thought I might just humour myself by going through all the hijinks that got me through the most recent year that was.

Upon ringing in the new year my initial realisation was that my 2013 , the whole 365 days of it had been pretty stagnant. As glass half empty as that may sound, I feel that many people felt they could relate to this also. it seems as though it was spent saving your breath (and maybe pennies too) for what you knew will be an increible year to follow.

2013 was a year of new discoveries, experiences, friends and best of all family members.

Early on in 2013 I made a trip over to beautiful Melbourne to attend Future Music Festival and visit one of my very dear friends who left me to move over there a mere 5 years ago now. While there I shopped, ate, drank, met up with other fellow Kiwi’s attending the same festival and for the most part sought out any means or place that offered up air conditioning. There was only a minor heat wave of about 40 something degrees at the time.

Future Music and my crazy crowd.

Around mid year my social calendar went into over drive. My wallet and liver were far from impressed as you can imagine. There were your run of the mill typical birthday celebrations, then slightly bigger more significant milestone birthdays (21, 50) costume parties, house warming parties and even flat warming parties.

I think it’s fair to say I did so much partying that the word itself needs to be permanently removed from my vocabulary. I am a sucker for birthday celebrations though, I enjoy nothing more than making someone feel like the most important person in the world if only for a measely 24 hours and this year I was more than lucky enough to have the favour reciprocated when it came time to celebrate my 23rd birthday. My 24th sure has some big boots to fill!

Onesies, Moroccan Nights, Fiesta and a flower pot called Petunia

New love and new life made it’s way into my heart on October 24th at 4:36am in the form of my handsome nephew who we refer to as Big B. Early on in my sisters pregnancy my not so inner control freak had taken over and I had convinced myself that I would be in that delivery room when push came to shove (literally of course). Both Mother and Father-to-be eventually gave me their blessing and made my entire life by letting me be the third wheel on their baby birthing train. With snacks and energy drinks at the ready, I was as prepared as I could be after turning to my trust know-it-all friend Google for tips and some delivery room etiquette. What felt like an eternity later, a perfect not so little 8lb 7oz gentleman burst his way into this world and effectively my heart. I can’t speak for my sister, but I would do it all again in a heart beat.

“Im not ready for my close up yet”

2013 was making a mad dash for the finish line and showing no signs of slowing down. Over the course of just a few weeks I thoroughly and very loudly enjoyed the musical talents of Queen Bey, Riri and my not guilty pleasure, One Direction live in concert. I took a mini road trip to yet another 21st birthday, stayed on a farm, created new friendships with small, furry farm animals and risked life and limb adventuring on a quad bike.

Beyonce, 1D Merch and Buster the little lamb

Leading up to Christmas my work started ‘The Biggest Loser’ competition. Just like the TV programme except the first place prize was sadly nowhere near as desirable. Participating in this competition helped bring my total weight loss for the year to 10.3kgs and the fact that the holiday season helped bring some of that back is beside the point.

Speaking of holidays, Christmas was a day full of over eating, noise, mess, SIXTEEN mouths to feed, not including the mouth of one hyperactive, fluffy tailed pup dressed as santa.

New Years Eve wasn’t really that much different, just throw in a tropical themed pool party, plenty of booze into the mix and voila! Christmas Part two. When the clock struck midnight all attendees were instructed to make their way to the pool for a celebratory dip (extra points rewarded for sick dives and bombs). The memory sort of goes a little hazey fro then on which I think indicates just how excited I was for 2014.

Luau explosion, siblings and furry Santa

Well what is ahead of me I hear you ask? I guess we’ll leave that one for the crystal ball and ya’ll can just stay tuned 😉

Au Revoir


Year of the Horse

Welcome to the very first chapter of my life in the year 2014, follow me on what I am hoping will be a year of the non boring variety in the life of a nearly twenty-three-and-a-quarter-year-old.

This post is inspired by my realisation that 2014 is the year of the Horse, which is also my Chinese Zodiac sign, so hooray for all my fellow Horses out there!

Upon finding out that 2014 is ultimately ‘The Year of the Avyon’ I began rading up on what you can come to expect from a Horse sign like myself. Thanks to astrology.com I now know that I can blame my impatience and lack of sensitivity on the fact that I was born somewhere between January 1990 and February 1991. Let it also be known that us Horse types “exude the kind of raw sex appeal that is a magnet to others”. Check the link, I would not make that sort of thing up.

So now that my first week of 2014 is nearly over what can I say that I’ve achieved thus far? Well I started the year off  with a bang by losing the whole of January 1st to a nasty hangover, got an awkward sunburn, spent too much time indoors, nursed countless food babies which in turn resulted in me vowing to get my ‘A’ back to the gym and last but certainly not least I have consistently stayed up past midnight because I am rebellious like that.

What will become of the rest of my weeks for 2014? Stay tuned to find out whether or not I get back in the saddle (or so to speak)


Au Revoir


A. x